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How Content Data Platforms will unlock AI & future proof organisations

Content in its most basic form is just data, e.g. 1’s and 0’s. It represents significant long-term value in the age of AI. The problem: it's everywhere and organisations face unprecedented challenges to capture and convert it into one of their most valuable long-term assets.

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How Content Data Platforms will unlock AI & future proof organisations

The Content Conundrum: What industry leaders at DAM NYC are thinking about

Organizations are grappling with the 'content conundrum’. How to manage the ever-expanding digital universe of content and what strategic importance should it play?

We surveyed marketing leaders at DAM New York, identifying the biggest challenges and pain points in managing their brand's content ecosystem - with interesting results.

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Forget armchairs, we dive into the real! Decoded cracks open the messy details of AI, media management & content data, highlighting valuable knowledge through actionable articles. So ditch the hype, join industry experts, and explore the impacts of AI and innovation hand-in-hand. Our mission is that you leave here smarter and more inspired each and every time. 

Interesting stats

Data & AI are an unstoppable force

3.5 Billion AI models will be in use by 2026

3.5 Trillion images taken in the world

90% of data was created in the last 2 years

Guest Writers

Deborah Womack

Deborah Womack

Award-Winning Data-Driven Marketing Leader


Darren Goode

Global Marketing Leader


David Granger

Content Marketing Leader

David Parker

David Parker

Marketing and Digital Leader

David Russel

David Russel

Marketing Communication Expert


Janet Markwick

Commercial Operations Expert

Nicola Hartley

Founder and CEO of Mint & Co


Henry Priestley

Partner at Russells

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