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Unlock the Hidden 70%: Transforming Marketing with Content Data Platforms

Unlock the Hidden 70%: Transforming Marketing with Content Data Platforms - MedialakeAI

Transforming Marketing with Content Data Platforms

In today’s digital landscape, content is king. Every day, organizations create an astonishing amount of digital content, from images and videos to documents and graphics – over 2.5 quintillion bytes worth.  However, here’s a startling truth: up to 70% of this valuable content often goes missing or remains underutilized. 

If data is the goldmine of future growth, as per Mckinsey’s report that brands effectively embracing data will see 80% higher growth than those who don’t – it’s time to start digging and reaping the rewards. 

Marketing leaders, here’s the truth – your content isn’t working as hard as it should be, your data strategy is stalling and your business isn’t future proofed for where the future’s heading. It’s time to transform the way you work, let technology do more of the heavy lifting and allow AI-powered platforms like MedialakeAI to open a new window on your complex content world.

The Plight of Lost Content

A recent study revealed that a significant percentage of an organization’s digital content is inaccessible or, in some cases, entirely lost. This content includes images, videos, documents, and other assets that are essential for marketing campaigns, branding, and communication efforts. The reasons for this loss can vary, including poor organization, people movements, inadequate metadata, or content residing in isolated silos.

The Impact of Poor Data Collection

80 to 90 percent of data generated and collected by organizations, is unstructured” – MongoDB

The repercussions of missing content are far-reaching and can severely impact organizations as a whole and their marketing teams. Here are some of the negative consequences:

1. Diminished Brand Consistency: Missing content fragments can lead to inconsistencies in branding and messaging. When vital assets are unavailable, marketers may resort to using subpar alternatives, diluting the brand’s impact.

2. Wasted Resources: Marketing teams invest significant time and resources in content creation. When a substantial portion of that content goes unused or cannot be located, it results in wasted budgets and missed opportunities.

3. Inefficient Workflows: Marketing operations become less efficient when content is scattered across various platforms or remains untagged and unclassified. Teams spend valuable days or months every year searching for assets instead of focusing on strategic initiatives.

4. Regulatory and governance issues: as the digital world becomes more interconnected and tools become more advanced – seeing what’s happening across your ecosystem and getting fast access could mean the difference between multi-million lawsuits or not. Organizations can’t see the damage rogue content has on their brand. 

The Role of Content Data Platforms and Media Asset Intelligence

It’s not just about managing content; it’s about transforming the way marketing leaders think and work. A Content Data Platform can address the challenges posed by lost content and offer numerous benefits to brands:

1. Content Rediscovery: Content Data Platforms utilize advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to automatically categorize, tag, and index content. This means that marketing teams can rediscover lost assets, at scale, in any format effortlessly. No more fruitless searches; everything is at your fingertips.

2. Improved Brand Consistency: With easy access to all your content, maintaining brand consistency becomes a breeze. By adding Asset Intelligence to your content ecosystem, you can ensure that marketing collateral aligns perfectly with your brand’s guidelines, enhancing its impact and recognition.

3. Enhanced Efficiency: AI powered Content Data Platforms streamline content management processes. From auto-tagging to content optimization, automation reduces manual labor, freeing up your marketing teams to focus on driving growth for your brand – not wasting time on admin.

4. Data-Driven Decisions: Its not just about making content accessible – its about extracting valuable insights from it. Marketing leaders can make better data-driven decisions, fine-tune their strategies based on real-time performance data and ultimately affect strategic growth for their business.

5. Competitive Advantage: Organizations that harness Asset Intelligence gain a competitive edge. Content is ultimately just data – and the race to index what a brand has can’t be overstated in relation to their future success. They can adapt quickly to changing market conditions and audience preferences by making data-backed choices. They will be poised for the new era, where AI models will continually enable them to automate and reap efficiencies from mundane tasks. 

6. Maximizing ROI: Lost content represents a significant financial drain. Brand governance has never been more important as substantial amounts of brand equity sit on balance sheets. Every piece of content, from a display banner to an internal video should be indexed, searchable and made useful to an organization – both now and in the future.

Marketing leaders, the hidden 70% of your content doesn’t have to remain lost and underutilized. Asset Intelligence is your key to unlocking its potential. Platforms like MedialakeAI enable brands to reap the benefits organizing content data at scale – seamlessly plugging in and syncing in real-time, future-proofing organizations, ensuring brand consistency, driving efficiencies and empowering the use of data for better decisions at scale.

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