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Take Back Control of Your Marketing Assets: Why Every Brand Needs Medialake

Imagine this: it's campaign crunch time, and your team desperately needs that perfect product image for a social media post. But where is it? Buried in a labyrinth of folders across multiple platforms? Hours are wasted searching, frustration mounts, and deadlines loom. Sound familiar?

This is the reality for many marketing teams. Disorganized and siloed assets lead to wasted time, duplicated efforts, and missed opportunities. At Savanta’s Most Loved Brands 2024 event, Burger King highlighted this exact challenge. With smaller budgets than competitors, they often need to react quickly to trends. Finding assets fast could be a crucial gamechanger.

Medialake: Your Solution to Asset Chaos

Medialake empowers brands like yours to take back control of your marketing assets. Here's how:

The Problem: Traditional Systems Fail

Traditional, "closed" human-reliant systems with surface-level content identification make that impossible. Reducing budget wastage due to disorganized assets? Not a chance. Here's why:

  • Over 50% of content is simply not locatable.
  • A shocking 70% of content produced is never even used.
  • That translates to a whopping $5.5 billion wasted on content annually across businesses.

These statistics paint a clear picture: the current approach to marketing asset management is broken.

Just like Burger King needs to be nimble, so do you. Medialake acts as your central hub, giving you 100% visibility across all your marketing assets, no matter where they live. Our hyper-fast search function lets you find exactly what you need in seconds, not hours.

Repurpose, Don't Reinvent

Lucky Saint, another Savanta speaker, talked about the challenge of wanting to change negative perceptions of non-alcoholic drinks. Repurposing existing content that resonates with your audience is key. Medialake's powerful analytics help you identify high-performing assets you can reuse across different campaigns, saving time and money.

The Power is in Your Hands

The Savanta report reminds us: consumers can fall out of love with a brand just as quickly as they fell in love. Maintaining brand consistency is critical. Medialake's digital rights management and brand guideline checks ensure your marketing assets are always on-brand and compliant.

More Than Just Storage

Medialake goes beyond being a glorified filing cabinet. Our platform is built for the future, with features like:

  • Content lifecycle analysis: Track the performance of your assets from creation to consumption, maximizing ROI.
  • AI integration: Train custom AI models to automate tasks and gain deeper insights from your content.
  • A safe space for AI: Implement AI with confidence in our secure and controlled environment.

Regain control of your marketing narrative. See how Medialake can help your brand find assets faster, repurpose smarter, and achieve greater ROI.

Schedule a free demo today and see the Medialake difference.

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