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CLICKON Studios rolls out MedialakeAI

CLICKON Studios rolls out MedialakeAI - MedialakeAI

CLICKON Studios rolls out MedialakeAI with immediate increase in productivity and transparency

With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of content data created every day – brands need more content than ever before to stand out from the noise. Creative businesses tasked with fulfilling this demand need solutions to help them rise to the challenge. 

The escalating volume of production has rendered the organization and retrieval of digital assets increasingly complex. Acknowledging this pressing challenge, CLICKON, a leader in content production and distribution, embarked on an initiative to optimize its workflows.

Rather than a traditional asset management solution, requiring adoption of one single platform and new internal processes, MedialakeAI offered the benefits of working across the vast array of platforms the business already used day to day, whilst increasing access to data. 

CLICKON’s global head of production and former Ogilvy alumni Eric Soloway commented: “Medialake is my skeleton key to all of our assets wherever they are. Like most content creation companies, we utilize multiple platforms for storage and distribution. Keeping track of these thousands of assets can get overwhelming.

The Global Content Management Challenge

With global expansion comes the intricate challenge of managing and retrieving content. A study by the Content Marketing Institute highlighted that 42% of businesses don’t have the right tools to manage their burgeoning content leading to huge falls in weekly productivity. 

The repercussions extend beyond the mere wastage of time; using outdated or non-compliant content poses a genuine risk. In such a scenario, an advanced solution has transitioned from a desirable asset to an absolute necessity.

MedialakeAI: Pioneering Modern Workflows with Asset Intelligence

CLICKON’s integration of MedialakeAI has solidified its position at the forefront of the industry. 

Eric Soloway, continues: “Medialake provides one user friendly interface to locate and interact with ALL of our assets wherever they are; Google, Vimeo, YouTube, you name it. Everything is tagged and indexed through AI so I can search by file name, image, script or just about any other associated descriptor to find exactly what I’m looking for. It’s virtually the same as having everything in one place without having had to consolidate anything.

Richard Wilson, CEO of MedialakeAI, commented: “We’re really excited to strategically partner with CLICKON and delighted MedialakeAI has delivered results so quickly. Connecting the myriad of platforms CLICKON uses day to day is what we do best – delivering true federated search and asset intelligence via deep-level data.

Championing MedialakeAI: A Benchmark for Brands

Using CLICKON’s journey as a benchmark, MedialakeAI emerges as a compelling solution for organizations and production teams. The marked increase in productivity and unmatched transparency achieved by CLICKON underscore the platform’s potential.

In today’s content-centric age, proficient management, breaking down silos, swift retrieval, and asset intelligence are pivotal.

MedialakeAI stands out as the answer to these challenges. As CLICKON’s experience demonstrates, the future of nimble and transparent content management is here.

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